Welcome to the Isle of Wight!

A quick ferry ride from England's South Coast, the Isle of Wight is a gorgeous and enjoyable destination for any holiday-goers, whether you're looking to see the sights, have an adventure, or just relax. With activities suited for solo adventurers, active groups, relaxed crews, and children of all ages, there's something for everyone here on our beautiful island.

The Isle of Wight is the sunniest part of Britain, making it the perfect place to escape to. With 147 square miles of beautiful beaches, iconic views and landscapes, idyllic villages, and clear blue water as far as the eye can see, you’ll understand as soon as you get here why it's one of the UK's favourite places to visit.


Attractions & Activities

The Isle of Wight offers countless exciting things to explore, from family parks to natural wonders.

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Towns, Villages & Beaches

Looking for a dog-friendly beach or want to know where to park in Newport? Our insider's guide to the Isle of Wight will make you feel like a local and help you find the island's hidden gems.

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Culture & the Arts

Read more to learn all about cultural events on the Isle of Wight, like literary festivals and pop culture celebrations.

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Walking, Running & Cycling

The Isle of Wight is the perfect place to get active, whether through an organised race or on your own on holiday.

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Festivals & Carnivals

Festivals and carnivals all over the island show just how much we love to celebrate on the Isle of Wight.

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The island plays host to some truly impressive music festivals every year, like the renowned Isle of Wight Festival.

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The Isle of Wight is uniquely positioned for world-class sailing, with a host of races and events taking place here each year.

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Food & Dining Out

From food festivals to fine dining, there's something delicious on the island for everyone's taste.

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